Sunday, October 24, 2010

Basketball and music

There is a obvious relationship between basketball and music because its both based on rhythm and flow to be beautiful and succesful. In both genrès people try to play without rhythm and well....lets just say the player without rhythm wont go very high in their basketballcareer and well the other one has to be high on some drugs to like it.

To me basketballmusic is hip-hop or classical music most hard rock songs doesn`t work for me and thats why I hated to play in Helsingborg as a kid. The only played stuff like Metallica on the warmups.....dont get me wrong I like Metallica, but not on the warm up before a game.

But like most other things there are exceptions and one of Metallicas songs a liked to warm up to was Sad But True, but the rest, nope!

One friend of mine from Croatia who has been playing pro ball now for 13 years in many countries around the world told me, that when he as a young player his coach gave him a tape with songs with rhythm (without somebody singing) to listen to whenever he had the chance to.

I had brought the subject up on a education a few years before I knew this player and got some laugh of my "crazy" idèa to help players getting their rhythm with music. Well, when he told me about it I was proud of myself for speaking out about it.I tell you this player is one of the most "rhythm synced" players I have seen play the game. He wasn´t just playing the game, he was dancing to the rhythm of basketball.

Great songs has been made by former basketballplayers and its no surprise that this former swedish player is making great music. He was playing the game with great rhythm and allthough sometimes his heart for the game took over, he still played with rhythm. Former player Nicolas Lunabba now one of the rhythm-makers in the group Ariise.....

There has been and will be many former basketballplayers making a new career with music and most of them in genre RnB or hip-hop.
Well the played a game with rhythm and they need rhythm in their life......I truly believe that music, dance helped out SHAQ alot in getting his body moving like it did. What this beast did when he was on top with his huge body was as incrediable as his bad freethrowshooting was, but I guess you cant get it all :-)

Remember SHAQ lettin his body go?

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