Thursday, November 18, 2010

Charlie Burgess from Bakken Bears

I have so far during the season watched a lot of games from the danish league and I`m surprised so far how bad some of the importplayers are and even more suprised that mnay of them has played in other teams in denmark before, that means that the coaches/clubs knew what the went for. I simply dont, no dont come with that excuse, its not about that its about contacts and good recruiting job to find the really good players.

Was nice to see Bakken bears Charlie Burgess, thats a classplayer and used to right way he would score even more points for his team. Yes, now I`m coaching from the sofa of my apartment, but it doesn`t take a Einstein to see that he is one of, if not the best 1 vs 1 player in the danish league, so simply more 1 vs 1 situation out of a team concept...not NBA style everybody stands and looks at the player witht he ball.

3-4-5 passes with ballmovement from one side to the other and him with the ball...BOOM! score, assist or foul. Would love to coach a player like that, makes the game so simply.

Video is from when he played in finland.

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  1. good lord the danish league has gotten worse if this guy is their best one on one player.