Saturday, April 20, 2013

Kobe Bryant - Mind over matter - True greatness!

Kobe is a true living legend, what a killer, what mind over matter guru he is. Incredible tear his akilles and walks on scores two free-throws and walks out by himself.

When he played through court session when he was accused of rape and still showed up and put his numbers up, when he played for months with banged up fingers, surgery can wait.......Mind over matter, mind over matter!

The black mamba came to the NBA and I have to be honest I didn`t like him very much, but year after year he has matured and my respect for him has sky rocketed.
He is madly inlove with game, he doesn`t need the money he already accomplished more than most dare to dream about. But here is where the true ballers differ, they play because of passion, a hunger to win, a never ending love and hunt for improvement to their game.

They are not just there to play, they are there to play the very best they can each and every time no matter injured or sick the mind wins over matter.

One of his favourite quotes is "If you see me and a bear in a fight, pray for the bear"

I wish I could sit down and talk to Kobe Bryant for a couple of hours, the questions are many and the learnings would be priceless but......well I will stop there stranger things has actually happened in the world :-)


  1. Just look at the difference between Kobe's mental toughness and a player like Bynum or Howard and you will see what separates him from the majority of the rest of the league.

  2. this is even stranger missed this comment from 2013 I dont know why.
    Yes, he is mental toughness if you look it up in the dictionary :-)