Saturday, October 23, 2010

Of course Norrkoping got beaten today

....aint gonna say I jinxed them, but they got beaten by Uppsala at Uppsalas homecourt and that Uppsala beat the raining swedish champions makes me as a youth coach happy. They are by far the best club in sweden at the moment for youth players (mostly boys) to develop and there is proof to back it up with all "kids" going out to clubs in Europe as youth profesionals. Great for them and great for swedish basketball....

One of my old players born 94 is right now getting his basketball education done up in Uppsala and I`m very happy for him to be among other talented players and coachers who know what they are doing.

They are also getting the young players into their league team without being one of the worst teams. Well, if you educate your young ones the right way, there will always be sound foundation to build a league team around.

But, the young talented players are leaving the club for other countries. Some might say that bad, I say thats great and hopefully the right path for thoose players.

You wouldn´t tell a talented kid in school, well your are very talented and we think you can be very good, but we think you should stay in 9th grade for a cuople of years before you go to high-school.

We as coaches are supposed to guide our players to the right paths in life and basketball. If a player doesn`t get the right surrounding or bad coaches their chances to become the best they can be, suddely becomes very slim if existing at all.

So great today that Uppsala caught up with the train and beat them, maybe Norrkoping has to practise too :-)

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