Monday, October 25, 2010

Education is essential for development

..for development as a coach and I`m very happy for the first time in 17 years I´m in a club that really has understood the importans of education for all of the clubs members.

Young coaches gets special education
All coaches in the club gets clinics once a month
Coach meetings with invited geustspeakes and more....

I truly think that all levels of education will give you something that makes you better as a coach, but sometimes its not the guestspeaker or the subjects that was the best from the meeting. Many times its the talking between coaches in breaks, before or after that gives you some new idea`s or helpful tools.

On the 15th we have our second coachesmeeting and last coaches meeting we hade Physical trainer Michael Reid as guestspeaker and sadly we loose him to Hungary at least for awhile, but his expertice is very valauble for the club. The ladies team has used him for the last two seasons with great success.

"The perfect effort"
The coachesmeeting on the 15th of november we will have Torbjørn Sindballe as guestspeaker, he competes in IRON MAN and have 18 years experience of triathlon with 2 time world championship gold and high placement in the legendary Hawaii ironman competition.

Sure to have good clinics its cost some money and thats really great that the club has realized that success in the future cost money today, but money spent today means less money spent in the future :-)

Have a great day

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