Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tired of Euroleague? Well propably not....

....but if you have nothing to do tonight you can always watch som basketball from Swedens highest league for men. Tonight Swedish basketball Television airs two games, both start at 19:04

One game is between 08 Stockholm Human rights and Jamtland
Webb TV link here! Remember game starts 19:04

In this game take an extra look at Jamtlands Norwegian pointguard Stian Mjøs and if Benson Callier is healthy this season he should be exiting to watch. In 08 take a look at the agility of Kassim Nagwere and his passion for defense. The veteranplayer Jocke Blom of 08 has to play well for 08, to win.....he is as I see it the backbone, but sometimes also the achilles.

Stian has been one of my favourite nordic players for many years.

The other game that is shown is Borås vs Uppsala
Webb TV link here!

In Borås its all about the Ryans almost a family affair :-)
Pat is coach and two of his sons play for the team, but its the younger brother that will shine on court, so check out Cristopher Ryan.

Uppsala has a really bigman, its not very normal for players over 210cm to show up in the swedish league and if they, normally there is a reason for it, the are just tall and like basketball.

But Martin Kohlmaier is a good player and I think Uppsala has done a tremendus job in that recuitment. Standing 217cm over the ocean and 115kg he will always be e pain in the ass for the oponents. He is also skilled on lowpost play and looks to have a ok shoot around the paint.

Just saw something funny seems that the citizensship of the players in the swedisg basketball leagues homepage is a little of. Martin stands as Swedish, Drazen Klaric of Jamtland also stands as swedish. Unless Sweden suddenly changed their policys about citizenship, this is of course wrong.

By the way I think its very bad that the leaguepages isn`t in english, so the whole world can follow what happens in sweden. This important for basketball and very important for players that agents and coaches can follow what happens in league play.

The links for the games hasn`t come up yet, but I will post them here as soon as they do.
So check back...

(Coachholmgran - The sun is shining in Denmark :-)

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