Thursday, October 28, 2010

DK4 - Aabyhøj vs Hørsholm 79ers

Every thursday the danish channel DK4 airs a league game and tonights game is Aabyhøj vs Hørsholm 79ers.
As usual its a low scoring game when 79ers play, but still its interresting to watch.

There is young talent on the court.
In Hørsholms Alexander Bach (born 1991, 192cm), and Jonathan Gilling (born 1991, 203cm), two young players in starring roles on their team.

In Aabyhøj Frederik Rungby (born 1993, 199cm)  seems interesting haven`t seen much of him, but promising basketballbody at least.

Not, young but I like him Magnus Gunnarsson islandic player in Aabyhøj, he is a old school classic money in the bank shooter.

Now its halftime and soon they will as usual show us one of denmarks most talented players and this time its Jonas Zohore, who is born 1991, 210cm now lives in Spain where is a pro with Torreledanos a club outside Madrid.
Former headcoach for 79ers Nemanja Jovanovic who brought Jonas from DK, to Spain and now Jonas is now in his second season in Navarro country.
He aims to work his way up to Spanish ACB league and I know he got potential for that and more...I have coached against him myself a couple of times and its up to him wich level he will end up on.

Danish basketball television, you can see clips and more.

Second half starts now...more later!

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