Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wrong time and why at this time?

Apparantly there has been made several interviews with import players here in denmark from the highest league and their thoughts of the referees. These interviews have been linked from official pages on the net also for the league.

As a coach I have had many bad refs, but also many good refs just like I have had bad and god players. Complaining and bitching about it never creates a better situation, these talks should be before and after the seasons.

In countries like Denmark, Sweden and so on refs do it as a extra activity and most of them out of pure passion for the game. Refs in our contries will never be as good or better until they get the possibility to train and prepair as our players do. The development of our players the last years and also the jobmarket for players has really opened up and that means many different countries are represented in our leagues and all coming with different qaulity of their "Home" referees.

I would be the first to say that the referee level should be much better, but if we dont create the possibilitys for the refs to get better. We including I should really shut up and play after the set up for the games that we have made. Its only the clubs, federations that can change this and its costs money so odds for it to happen aint that great.

But its one thing that you bitch a little and another when you thoughts become offical thoughts and I believe that all league players should shut up and play the game and if they think the refs suck, well get better and play in another league then. Its really that simply.....

Sometimes its much easier as a coach or as a player to focus on other things than your own stuff. But to put these thoughts out there in the middle of the season and with the teams starplayers.

If I coached a player whom said these things out to media I would be furious and very disapointed because I would have made a terrible scouting work on that player I brought to my team. The playoffs are around the corner and well guess what refs are human to and humans get mad and sometimes hold things against the ones whom said them.

We also should remember another thing and that is the facts, yes we have few great referees, it is our own fault and these interviews will not make a bad situation better. Maybe and yes maybe it will create a discussion that will lead into better things, but its not the time for it in the middle of the season.

Burgess "Disaster to the game"

Maybe some refs will take this very bad and stop to ref at the highest level and guess what now other less educated, less experinced refs will take their place and then players complaing maybe will be more like Darkos Milics? :-)

Shut up and play.....complain via the right channels and think before about the effects of what you will say.

And coaches controll your players they will have effects on you whole club and youthsections and people watching the games.

Basketball dont need a witchhunt from the bleeches and I`m afraid these interviews has given the green light for just that.

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