Sunday, February 13, 2011

Night ends with black mamba

Sunday and just taking some minutes to write a little while waiting for the coffee to be ready :-)

I will fix some personal stuff tonight, but otherwise this will be a great basketball sunday. Starting with The final in Copa Del Rey in Basketball between Regal Barcelona and Real Madrid at 18:00 european time. That game I have to watch on the internet, but the ACB has great webb TV:e so thats gonna be nice if my internet is up in gear.

Later in at 21:30 my favourite danish TV channel DK4 will show Los Angeles Lakers vs Orlando Magic and there is only one reason why I watch it and thats the black mamba Kobe Bryant. I couldn`t care less about the other players. He is a pure joy the study on the court........

But a week ago I actually saw Dwight Howard do a move in a game that was a huge surprise :-)

Coffee is ready have a great night.

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