Monday, January 10, 2011

I`m not religous

But GOD has something against me :-)

Just something I thought about while using a whole roll of toilette paper to blow my nose the whole day.
Since I haven`t been out much the last week or so, I decided to take a little walk to a gym near by where I live to get my body som activity and also to check out the gym.

I was suppose to have practises there already in september, but a enormous rainy day smashed that and destroyd the floor in the gym, so this was actually the first time I have been in that gym.

Its a classic schoolgym where you wonder what the arcitechs thought with when they built it and let me tell you it wasn`t their head. Why build a big gym and put the walls 30cm`s from the basketball lines or for handball the wall becomes the line (but who cares).

Its otherwise a perfect gym I dont know about you, but when I walk into a gym a get a feeling of like or dislike directly and this was clearly a like.

When I coached up in Stockholm I had practises in one of the biggest gyms that I have had practises in. It was also a school gym and enormous, but already wlaking into the gym the first time a got that feeling this is not for me since it felt like they had hidden the gym in maze to get to it.

That feeling was correct it was the biggest but also the worst I ever have coached in since the accostics killed you as a coach. You could stand 3 meters away from a player screaming you loungs out and still he/she could`t hear you. The gym just swallowed whatever you tried to say loudly.....

So every time you had something to say you had to get the team together and talk with them, but that took some time to get them in a cirkel because of the accostics.

Why didn`t you use a whistle?
Well, I hate whistles as much as I hate snow. I think some like using whistles and they are called referees and I`m a basketballcoach :-)

Back to the gym again......I will enjoy having practises there it will be my paradise here in Hørsholm, there are bigger, more baskets in other gyms but this had that good feeling about.

Like the headlines says I`m not religous in other ways than I believe that everybody is their own GOD and there are lots of "judas" around :-)

But last night I watched Blake Griffin play with his Clippers and he must be close to a fictionary monster. He just outworks oppenents and hos body strength is out of this world. I would love to see him and our swedish superstar Jonas Jerebko play together in the NBA, that team would be one of the hardest to beat just because of the simple facts that they work harder than the rest.

Last nights game was his 23rd double double in a row......unless he gets injured and stops early in his NBA career I tell you Karl Malone is in trouble.
Rank↓ Name↓ Numbers↓
1 Malone, KarlKarl Malone* 779
2 O'Neal, ShaquilleShaquille O'Neal^ 726
3 Duncan, TimTim Duncan^ 695
4 Garnett, KevinKevin Garnett^ 681
5 Olajuwon, HakeemHakeem Olajuwon* 673
6 Barkley, CharlesCharles Barkley* 620
7 Ewing, PatrickPatrick Ewing* 563
8 Robinson, DavidDavid Robinson* 543
9 Mutombo, DikembeDikembe Mutombo 469
10 Willis, KevinKevin Willis 454
Rank↓ Name↓ Numbers↓
1 Stockton, JohnJohn Stockton* 696
2 Kidd, JasonJason Kidd^ 397
3 Nash, SteveSteve Nash^ 374
4 Johnson, KevinKevin Johnson 319
5 Hardaway, TimTim Hardaway 279
6 Johnson, MagicMagic Johnson* 277
7 Strickland, RodRod Strickland 271
8 Jackson, MarkMark Jackson 242
8 Payton, GaryGary Payton 242
10 Marbury, StephonStephon Marbury 210
Thats some crazy records :-)

Triple doubles?
Rank↓ Name↓ Triple-doubles↓
1 Robertson, OscarOscar Robertson* 181
2 Johnson, MagicMagic Johnson* 138
3 Kidd, JasonJason Kidd^ 106[27]
4 Chamberlain, WiltWilt Chamberlain* 78
5 Bird, LarryLarry Bird* 59
6 Lever, FatFat Lever 43
7 James, LeBronLeBron James^ 31[28]
8 Havlicek, JohnJohn Havlicek* 30
9 Hill, GrantGrant Hill^ 29[29]
10 Jordan, MichaelMichael Jordan* 28
11 Drexler, ClydeClyde Drexler* 25
12 Frazier, WaltWalt Frazier* 23
13 Webber, ChrisChris Webber 22
14 Richardson, Micheal RayMicheal Ray Richardson 21
15 Barkley, CharlesCharles Barkley* 20

Ricky Rubio
FIBA Europe Under-16 Championship
2006-08-19 August 19, 2006
Spain vs Croatia


Now that sick!

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