Friday, January 14, 2011

A great friday

Had a meeting on the afternoon and after that I went to a gym nearby to have a induvidual workout with a player born 1995, it was the first of several workouts we will have to get him ready for the nationalteam tryouts.

We went for almost an hour which was a little bit to long, but I needed to see certain things in the first workout to be able to plan the others.

He did well and has the heart and inteligens to learn and learn quickly, so thats great since there are lots of small details that he lacks to do certain things very well.

And thats a general problem with players. Many have to skills but they are not polished to their maximum and so they cant get nothing out of them in games.
It could be that they have a perfect crossover, but dotn have the perfect footwork to use with the perfect crossover.

It could be that they have a very quick first step, but they cant use it since they dont bend their legs or once again have the proper footwork to explode past defenders.

It could be they have a great shot, but when they move to shot the ball they almost never score the shots, but standing still...spooting up they are fine.

Maybe they only can use the cross step when they attack, so they can only attack one side of their defender...

The list goes on....but thats where individual traning (WITH CORRECTIONS) is so important with a coach that sees the problem and find some solution to fix it.

The list goes on and on....

Directly after that practise I hade teampratise with my boys98 and we had a great practise getting some teamaspects of the game in place. Adding some tools to their toolbox.....

Directly after that is was time for my new team in boys 93/94 and since it was my second practise witht hem, we have lots of stuff to memorize and put in their toolboxes. It went well and I`m looking forward to next practise.

Now sleep, sleep and sleep :-)

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