Friday, December 31, 2010

A blast from the past

Like I wrote in the last entry soon time for Lundaspelen and during the years it has given me lots of memories both bad, god and funny and sad.

I especially remember some things and here is one of them;
Its goes back to when I myself was playing for boys 77 of Lobas and in our first game that year, we where gonna play against a team from Latvia or Russia I cant remember the country or club, but this I remember.

We stod waiting to get out on floor and we saw the team we where gonna play against. They stod there in old jersyes and old old basketballshoes, do you remember these shoes?

But most of them didn`t have converse it was some other sheap brand and of course spoiled as we where we had our expensive shoes and "new" jerseys and shooting shirts.
We we entered the court we got our next chock they really smelled bad, like they hadn`t showered for days, weeks. But I could see that they where good players its pretty easy to see that in the warmups if you look for the right things.

Just before the game would start they came over to our bench with a pin for each one of us and we also got a thing representing their club. I remember how ashamed I felt, really much, there we where expensive shoes, clothes, from a rich country and they where giving us stuff.

Needless to say they absolutely killed us in the game and won by many many points after they game there was a new kind of respect and our hip expensive shoes didn`t mean a thing at that moment. But it was a wake up call I think to many of us to whats important and whats secondary for playing the greatest game in the world.

The only thing that we still can say is even after they hammered us and taught us a lesson in Bball. New respect was there, but I still I felt sorry for the next team playing them cause I think they used chemical warfair as a secret weapon, my good they smelled :-)

Happy New Year!

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