Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year Basketball

In the beginning of the new year for me as a bball lover from the south of Sweden its been a tradition for years to play or coach in Lundaspelen, which is one of the biggest youth tournaments in the world.

Its been called the danish championships since so many danish teams participate and many of them also win the tournament. Now I´m a swede living and coaching in Denmark, so I guess I will for the first time play the danish champioships.

Well, I coach boys 98 and we have 18 players and will play this year with two even teams, so this year its more learning to play tournaments and having a good time. We where one of the lucky ones invited to play the nordic champioships in Sødertælje in easter and thats great since all games will be very giving in educational value.e

Lundaspelen is to me winter, cold and great atmosphere in the playoffs. Especially of course in the finals where every year its a great setup and arrangement to get that exciting feeling in your body.
This year will for sure be winter, cold and also great atmosphere in the playoffs.

I hope that my 2 teams play as well as they can and learn a lot by playing and watching others play. Myself I hope also to see some great games, where I can enjoy great coaching and great players.

You can check out the tournament here LUNDASPELEN 2-5 January every year

I also hope to see and talk to old friends/players and coaches during the tournament and for the first time in 4 years I will not work in Lundaspelen as I did when I coached in Eos. To be honest thats very nice to be just a coach and basketball lover again.

But to the people behind a tournament like this I have nothing but the deepest respect since, I know how much work it is to make it this big and all the organazing to get all parts to go as planned.

And to my old players working their ass of in Lundaspelen next year, what are you complaining about!
haha :-) Feels good to be able to say that :-)

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