Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas silence has....

...been a big part of my daily life lately, just relaxing and visiting my family in Sweden and thats why My World Of Basketball has been taking very little of my time.

But I can never totally stop doing something with basketball, when I`m free from practises or work there are nobody that beautiful living to make me totally just be normal.

So I have been free since the 23th of december and I`m of course watching games on TV and online and searching the net for great basketball stuff. I have came across some great links and my digital library becomes bigger and better.

Watched the hyped game between Lakers and Miami and I have to say Dwayne Wade did impress me and he has done that in other games also this season. He is carrying that team and if he stays healthy they can make it to the final and maybe also win it, but I believe more in Boston, Lakers, Spurs to win, but liek I wrote if D-Wade stays healthy they have a chance, but if he goes down they are in deep deep trouble.

Lakers are just like Boston cruising the season along and waiting for the playoffs, but still I was very surprised that Lakers played like they did on the pick and roll that was just horrible. Zenmaster Phil maybe just doesn`t give a flying f*ck right now, but that was very ugly. I would be very surprised if thet try to go out in D-Wade again and "hedge", double or whatever they tried to do next game. Thats the wrong kind of player to do that as he proved in the game time after time. He sliced that PAR defense like Jack the ripper.....

Have watched some swedish league games since I came home and can come to the conclusion that tactically we are miles behind, talents are coming but our seniorlevel plays like they are their own coaches and run their own offenses. I`m not just talking about setplays but choices fo shoots, choices of passes and choosing the tempo, when to run and not, inside/outside game using the posts and reading the pick and roll are just some where we are miles behind.

In defense I cant really see somebody being a specialist and it doesn`t look like teams are trying to shut down a shooter on a team with that pain in the ass defense its more just straight up man to man or normal zon.
I havent seen all teams but defense is not trying to make offense change to something else it looks more like they are just accepting and reacting to what they do.

In offense I miss very much and I have written about that before and that are more plays for certain players if you dont have plays for some players you can as a coach make them totally useless since they are not creators, they need a play or somebody else to create for them. To get your players out of a set to do what they are best at....could be shooting, 1vs 1, pick and roll, inside and so on...why have insideplayers if you will not use them as a coach?

Why have the best 1vs1 player in the league if he/she doesn`t get to play 1 vs1 out of a teamconcept in games. Why have the tallest player in the league standing at the freethrow line like a statue, when she/he can only score close to the basket.
Why play fast when you are slow?, Why play slow when you are fast......

Why stay up when I should sleep :-)

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