Sunday, November 14, 2010

Danish talent on the way....

Sitting in Farum Arena in Denmark and are enjoying one of the most talented danish youth nationalteams ever practising. What this team has is rare in the nordic countries and its size, I`m talking real size and thats not enough they can move too.

The coaches of this nationalteam really has some unpolished diamands to handle in the next couple of month.  Right now they have about 30 players in the group, where 3 players will arrive at a later stage during the summer since they play in USA, Croatia.
So they of natural causes cant practise during the season. But they will be ready....

Of the players at Farum Arena 1 player gets me a little extra fired up and that is Sami Elaraki.

 Sami  (210cm fra Aalborg) is a huge talent with a great body and has great hands, but somebody needs to teach him how to shoot the ball the technic is horrible, but if somebody will teach him. He will be one of the most talented players coming out of Denmark ever.

In  the arena there are one coach and one member of the federation watching the practise, which is a great learning tool for coaches.For clubcoaches to see what the NT works with and how the will play and so on, will help their player reaching his dreams.
Its almost always the same in Sweden coaches stay away and thats just sad.

Coaches Steen Guido, Morten Thomsen and Roberto Velosa have a great group to work with, there is lots to discuss

Watching coach Morten Thomsen at work he is propably one coach with a record of different coachingpositions, he moves, sits, stands, semi stands, one knee, D-positions and more,  its pure enjoyment to watch him coach in practises. Clear instructions (shown and spoken) and very involved and if the players listen they will learn!

Question is will they?

And next question will their clubteams work on the same things to help the nationalteam and danish basketball to be succesful ?, well maybe :-)

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