Saturday, November 20, 2010

To dribble or not to dribble, that is the question!?

Well folks, I had a game tonight with my boys team born 98 and we played one of the best teams in denmark in SISU and I`m very happy to be able to say that the things we are working on in practise is getting better and better. It was a vene game where we came out as winners with 58-55 after trailing with 9 points in the last quarter. We finished really strong the last couple of minutes...

Whats "funny" is that we in the 3 period let SISU take a 10 point lead just because we were dribbling the ball so much and we became a one man dribbling show with 4 guys standing and watching. Thats som kind of NBA sickness that is well spred on every level. It doesn`t matter what level you play, when you overdribble the ball you will become very static and easy to defend.

What I`m very happy about is that we came back to playing basketball after that period and moved the ball very well and of course got easier scores and most of all better chances to score.

The strange thing with the dribble is that you see this happening on every level and why I call it NBA sickness is because there you can do it much more and still have success with since you are not allowed to play real helpdefense. You just have to wait out the help to leave the 3 second area and explode to the basket.

LBJ "overdribbling" will not win the NBA

Today was a good day, not because we won (sure helps), but because we did so many right things in this game, so we can go back to practise and continue learning the game, the best game in the world.
What game?


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