Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wednesday night special

Wednesday nights are special nights for me since our ladies team headcoach Johan Enbom has very early morning practise on thursdays, so he sleeps in my apartment. Two coaches in a 2 room apartment that means a lot of basketballtalk.

Last night I had a pretty bad fever so I told JE that I will not be so social and propably sleep when he arrives, but that didn`t happen. Somehow I managed to stay awake and we talk and talk......
I found this funny picture about comunication. Where are back to tappin again :-)

Why I`m I charing this with you?

Well, a big part of development as a coach is to talk basketball with different people and everybody no matter what level you coach at needs somebody to exchange thoughts with or you will get stuck in a certain mindset.

I always found that the thing that gave med the most at basketball educations from the federation was the talks before and after with the other coaches. So many different minds, ages and levels, thats some great talks and you go to bed at night with new thoughts.

One of the subjects we talked about is that clubs and coaches needs to get in a mindset to develop players for the highest european levels and not be satisfied with winning the nationals or some tournament.
The belief has to be there among the coaches for it to succeed and the clubs needs to have a mindset to wanna or at least have the ambition to play as much as possible against other top european teams.

My mindset is I`m a coach in Hørsholm Basketball, but I coach for the danish federation and their nationalteams. Thats my highest goals to develop players for the nationalteams and I think at least with that mindset you will try to the best of your possibilities to make your players ready for Europe and not the national competition.

Behind this mindset there is of course the most important thing and thats the players and nomatter what ambition they have I will do my best to teach them as players and humans and support them as long as the show up for practises and do their best.

I heard a great coach once say "There is only one stupid players and thats the one which doesn`t wanna learn anything new" and I have tried to live by that since.

In the nordic countries we cant be so selectiv that you can be in other more basketballcountries, we have to have everybody along for the ride, maybe not in the same team, but the has to be a place for everyone.
I think thats great, but of course it makes the demands on coaches abilitys much higher, since you can not only focus on the best players at the time.
Thats also something to think about, many players/athleets develops late and maybe, maybe you just cut the next Michael Jordan from your team at the age of 12.


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