Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Watching swedish league game

Tonight I`m watching the streamed game between Sundsvall Dragons and Uppsala on Swedish Basketball Televison

Its always easier to be the coach in the bleechers or sitting at home, but its for me very strange that Uppsala can`t get more out of there bigman Martin Kohlmeier, who with his size 217cm are much taller and stronger then any af the dragons, but Uppsala seem to be unprepaired that Sundsvalls smaller players fight hard for the position and fronts the lowpost a lot.

Bigman Kohlmeier becomes as usual a rebounder and a "birdwatcher" in the paint. Its a strange phenomen in the Swedish league, why do we have so big problems using the postplayers?

As usaual I dont think there is one answer.......but I think its a combination of things.

Discipline, players doing what the coach tells the team to do.

Tactic, bad tactical plays and outscouted by other teams.

Most coaches are former outside players, mostly 1, 2 positions, they like shots and drives for them bigmen are defenders and passers. But is that best for the team?

The lack of bigmen in swedish youth basketball. Players miss a big part of the game since most teams dont have nay bigmen on their roster.
But my question is do coaches drills inside/outside movement, passes anyway, well I think very little......this becomes a problem when the smaller players  becomes older and now the team has bigmen.

(Have seen many times during the years teams with bigmen, but coaches dont let them play.)
Heard one chief in basketball, scream out  
"This is murder, murder, why dont he play".
A player which at the time was the tallest player in the country didn`t play one minut in swedish semifinals, or finals of youth nationals.

Now back to the game....Sundsvall was up 51-34 at halftime.....

Sundsvall Dragons won the game with 78-65 and Kohlmeier YES, he was birdwatching :-)
Ended up with 12points and 8 rebounds, 2ass, 1 block and 3 To´s in 30 minutes of play.

My thoughts are just from watching this game, so this might be one time thing. But generally about using bigmen i swedish league is based on years of watching.

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