Saturday, October 23, 2010

The train has left the station

In Sweden the highest league is being divided into Norrkoping Dolphins and LF basket (former Plannja) and the rest of the league. All though LF basket has gone down in their budget their budget is still much bigger than the rest.

But for real the train has left and on it is Norrkoping and LF basket tries to follow. Norrkoping is playing european leagues not only with the mens team, but also with their wheelchair team I think thats great. The swedish federation also thinks thats great and have supported the club with at total of 10 000 euro for this season. The Swedish federation started doing this with clubs that set higher goals and play internationally which of course is very important for swedish basketball and its development.

Norrkopings built a new arena not to long ago and has dramatically increased their budget as a club from before the arena (770 000euro) to now last year (3,6 million euro). Thats a big change and their arena had a + result last year of 130 000 euro

(My numbers are just estimated from the article in swedish newspapper, they are not precise)
You can read the article here

They have swedens first arena for BASKETBALL, the building is built so it fits for basketballplayers with higher ceeling indoors and dressingsrooms and more built for basketball.

View of Stadium arena basketballcourt
This is connected to the arena also new
For next year they will go much, much more +in their budget and what they can use that money to do for Norrkoping and Swedish basketball will be incrediable.

The train has left the station will some other club get on the rails and try to follow for real or will swedish league be a one team league.
One team that only can loose if the players dont give a *blip* or half the team gets injured?

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