Friday, February 25, 2011

Morning sun and ankles breaking

 Well, not so much about basketball maybe, but still like in most things I find a angle to get some thoughts of basketball. Basketball is played with passion, skills and in most cases better when you feel good as a human.

Sometimes you can be a little bit down as a player for playing bad, as a coach for loosing to much and all you need is a little sign, words spoken or something little that will change you back ind gear.

Well this morning when a walked to work I was tired in pain and feeling I should never had left the bed. I came to my work and got this as a view just outside the store I work in.

This changed my mood totally and the whole day went pretty fast and all cause of some lights with other elements in the sky creating this faboulus view.

Maybe its a word from your coach, from a friend, or its just you deciding how your day will be, but it sure is easier when you get some help to make this day as great as possible. Today the sky helped me.....

Another thing thats makes me happys i anklebreakers actually more than dunks in most cases. Some nice videos from youtube

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