Monday, February 28, 2011

I`m hyped about wednesday

On wednesday the clinic for coaches that I`m organizing is to be held and it looks good, but i still have some things to fix. So coming days I will not be so active here...but you never now :-)

My plan is one clinic in spring and one after the summer with different aims.

This now in march will be more on individual technic, foundamentals and the clinic after the summer will be more on teamoriented things like defense, offense, teambuilding and more.

Subjects on wednesday will be:

Passing on the highest level, what passes you need?
That clinic is 30minutes and will be held by Coach Igor Gavrilovic

Second 30 minute clinic will be body coordination, runnning technic
Thats held by Coach Michael Boje-Formann
The third 30 minute clinic is about strengthtraining the basics, what can you use that always is around you
That clinic is run by Coach Johan Enbom.

And the 1 hour clinic is about outside and inside moves "what does the defense give you?"
That clinic is run by living legend Jan Mikulowski.

Will be 3 great hours :-)

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