Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Post All Star Weekend....

All Star weekend has passed and I managed to watch 3 different All Stars events during this weekend. I didn`t watch everything of course, but parts of NBA`s, Danish and Swedish All Star events.

Watching NBA`s all star event like kills the other All Star events in so many ways. But I still believe its very important to have those events for lots of reasons, but then you always can discuss how to do them and so on....

I have had one of those rare totallt free basketballweekends in the last 17 years, but yes like you read above a watched some on TV:e and internet.

Today its tuesday and I have practise with boys 98 whick always is the highlight of my week, the keep me smiling true a tough period in my life. Here is one example last weel was winterbreak here in Denmark and many was on skitrips and so on. When I came to practise last thursday I had no clue how many we where gonna be on the practise. There was 8 players out of 17 ready to practise, but the fun part that put a smile on a very tired coach was, when I was told that most of them had been in the gym since 13:00 and our practise started at 16:00.

When players at this early age already practise by themself, without any coach telling them to do it, you know you have something special. Then there is a will and not something forced by coaches to practise extra. Promising but to early to say what it will lead to, but there is a smile on my face every practise cause I know I´m captain of this ship and my job is so much more simple when the boats floats by itself.

Todays practise wil be a little special so I hope everybody show up. We will have visit by 2 of the best players from our leagueteam Hørsholm 79ers, which are currently on 4th position in the league. They will run some drills and talk with them.....a perfect restart after the winterbreak and little extra motivationboost for the players.

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