Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Unlucky season in some aspects

My club Hørsholm Basketball has a troublesome season when it comes to gyms being damaged this season.

It started this summer already when the where gonna change the floor to a new one and the day that was done after some delays there was a crazy rainfall here in Hørsholm and some places there came 18cm`s of rain.

That totally ruined the totally new floor and they had to start to throw that out, but the old floor laying under was also ruined så long long time. For the club it was a problem, leagueteams had practise in other gyms and sometimes in other citys to get full court practises.

Another full size gym was being renovated and that renovation was dealyed and couldn`t be used until december.

But it wasn`t just the main gym that was wrecked, the main gym for youth games was ruined also by the rain.

So now the club stod there with out 3 gyms and lots of teams that wanna practise it meant a lot of work and less training for the teams and in smaller gyms.

We got the two gymas back in december that was ruined and they where now very nice, in january its was time again. Another gym that has one big gym and a little one in it was was closed since they discovered that the roof was about to fall down. That one i still closed and maybe after the summer, that ment problems again.

Now last week one of the big gyms that had a makeover, somebody smashed the backboard and that backbord is not the same as the reservs and had to be ordered and that takes 2 weeks.

I ran 3 vs 3 defense drill using that side of the court without any basket, was fine not a missed shoot :-)

That means more problems again.....we need a break from gymproblems or we need warmer weather and that aint gonna happen in cold, cold scandinavia.

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