Sunday, February 8, 2015

RIP Dean Smith

RIP Coach Dean Smith.

A man that dedicated his life to basketball and helped to shape the G.O.A.T of basketball in Michael Jordan​ . We have lots to be grateful to a basketball/leadeership/teaching brain like Dean Smith was. For me he gave me one thing i particular. Many years ago I bought one of his books where he explained coming to North Carolina and at that time the university was all about fotball and basketball was not highly thought of. The had been banned from TV games for a couple of years, so recruiting wasn`t the easiest the first years.

What Dean did was no cry about, he tried to find solutions. Basketball program needed money, so for example he had them put in special comfortable chairs for sponsors.

He had the locker room re-designed so it would look more like a PRO locker room to make recruitment easier and his reasoning was. The LR is the first thing a player sees everyday and the last thing the see. He tried simply solutions to promote his baskeball program and it eventually became one of the powerhouses in college basketball.

With this I learned it is all right to complain, but make sure you do all you can o find a solution so that your team, club and especially your players can be succesfull.  Your job as a coach is not just to coach the players on the court.
You need to create a learning/suiting enviroment so they can develop and become winners in basketball and life.

Thank you!

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