Friday, August 30, 2013

Swedens NT goes Eurobasket in Slovenia

Well, watched the last game before the real deal in Slovenia for Sweden. Jonas Jerebko didn`t play at least not in the second half and that is what I had time to watch.

These are my thoughts about Swedish NT and chances in Eurobasket.

1. Have to play extremely disciplined in offense and get the ball to the right players to put up shots.
To be able to do that they can not be stationary and play NBA isolation.

Movement and sharing the ball, but still getting the ball to to right players at the right time is in my mind the key.

2. Yes, Ludde Håkansson is only 17 years old, but he should play PG as I see it.

3. Swedens is at the moment doing a terrible job on ballscreens and staggered screens if they go under ballscreens on purpose (which it looks like) they will be killed in the Euros.

4. Becides Jerebko, Taylor, swedens "bigs" Joakim Kjellbom and Brice Massamba has to step it up 2 levels.

5. Jeffrey Taylor is a quality player and if they will let him play next season in the NBA the whole world will see it, but it looks like he will show it already in the Euros.

6. Sweden has to hit their open 3`s I dont see that confidence in Swedens shooters that should be there or should I write has to be there.

7. Miracles can happen!

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