Sunday, August 25, 2013

Proud Swede up in this!

Well it was not many years ago, when telling somebody that you where from Sweden was equal to "you dont know anything about basketball". Well that has changed and now Sweden is getting respect from all over the world and recognition from the experts, scouts, coaches and more.

With stardouble in Jonas Jerebko and Jeffrey Taylor in the NBA and Frida Eldebrink as a Eurostar and Farhiya Abdi in the WNBA Sweden nowdays has some credability in the basketballworld.

Young players all over the world playing as youth pro´s and going for that international basketball job. National teams doing good from senior teams to the youngest NT`s. All NT`s playing A-division Eurobasket but 2, some years ago it was totally different.

Respects most times come from extremely hard and focused work for many years and there is where the federation started it all with focused and planned NT`s. Coaching education in Sweden has the last decade or so become education and not just a weekend away from home.
Demands and coaching licenses just makes it so much more pro and some of the wrong people dispeares from basketball which is great.

Some bitch about these demands, but I truly think its for the best in the long run even if some serious coaches experiences it as a burden its the right way to go.

I coach in Denmark and danish basketball experienced history being made this summer when womens U16 played themseleves to a third place in B-Division and got a spot in A-division next summer. I think that was the first time ever for a girls NT from Denmark made it to the A-division and as for me coaching Horsholm girls 98 its a great motivation.

But I think many forget that playing B-division and playing A-division is totally different worlds in so many aspects, quality goes up a couple of levels in many things, exposure is a whole other world.
This year there was 16 teams in the A-Division and 17 in the B-Division and finishing third in B is in my world finishing 19th.

Swedens men u16 NT went up last summer as nr 2 I think and this summer they went down directly again. This summer Denmarks men U16 played themselves up as winners of B-Divison and Sweden went down to B-Division.

I truly hope that the danish federation will put more resources to these two NT`s to stay in A-Division and all together focus more on the youth nationteams than the seniorteams. Denmark is to small to not have the greatest focus on youth NT`s.....only 12 000 basketball players in country you have to get "EVERY" talent to go all in and make it up to seniorlevel. If they can go to college, europe the odds becomes so much better for the senior NT`s to do god in the future.

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