Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Second clubsummerpractice

Damm, I guessed wrong we where 18 players today, but some where new and some cam also on the first practice. Still good and it was a good practice, BUT.....

Like I preached to my boys this season is how to practice, when practising.

Be a master of doing the drill or doing the drill get better, this is also what I have to preach a lot about now, since moste players they listen, do the drill, but not to get better just to do the drill and that is the same in every drill, gamesituation.

I`m trying to get them to see and understand the difference in doing the drill and doing the drill to get better. Its a huge difference that many players never learn since its has to be a pain in the ass coach preaching parrot to make them understand. While most coached are satisfied with the players doing the drill correctly but not the skill.

I ask a lot of Why`s and so far no kid has answered because I dont wanna get better, so the preacherman is preaching like no other.

Maybe some coaches will see changes in their players when season starts.

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