Thursday, July 21, 2011

I became Sir Charles

Sir Charles Barkely was one hell of basketball player in his time and his number was 34 and on the 19th of july it was my team to be 34, but not on the jersey but in age.

I had a nice relaxing day and of course it had some basketball in it, with a meeting and a visit from sweden in Coach Richardson.

Otherwise I have vacation coming up on saturday and it will be nice, but summerpractice keeps going, but the attendence is like very up and down and right now many are away on holidays, so I go with the ones that are there. But this is very important still because, next summer there will automatically be more on the practices since they now about it.

Last practice there was also a talented womensplayer fron the club that right now play ball in the states in college and she asked if she could do some drills for her self on a side basket.

Of course a looked and it didn`take long before the individual coach in my was on high alert and of course I showed her and explained and said like listen to this, try this it will make sense and if you dont think so well dont do it again. If she changes it the future will tell I think so.....

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