Monday, July 11, 2011

Was a little bit....

...nervous today, when it was time for the first club sommerpractice that I`m doing for alla players in the club. Normally after camp 2 here in hørsholm the gyms close and remain closed until normal times start again in begining of august.

I asked for times for my boys  team and got the answer NO the gyms are closed and I questioned that since we wanna develop elite players and well lets just say weather and outdoor courts is not something we are blessed with in nordic countries.

I said if somebody fixes so we can be in the gym I will hold 3 practices per week for all the kids in club and also older that wanna pratice.

The club listened and worked out a solution with the city of Hørsholm for this period in the summer.

Today was the first practice and since this is new I couldn`t guess how many that would come. Starting with something new and especially something that you have complained about to get is so much more fulfilling if its a success.

There came 24 players from born 01 to born 92 boys and girls and I think everybody enjoyed it. If there will be more than 24 in future practices that time will tell, but my guess is that there will be more.

On wednesday I know if my prediction is correct or not.

Had a blast anyway, to make a good practise for so many and with such a wide age range is something that makes my brain go in overdrive its stimulating and a challenge for me as a coach.

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