Sunday, December 5, 2010

To go for it or not ?
Players that wanna take talk into actions

In all the years you have worked with sports, you propably often heard people say the following:
"Why do not that player try to be the best he/she can be!?"
"Why is he/she is not serious!?"
"Why doesn`t  she/he takes advantage of his talent!?"

Could write more, and many of them have been said by myself during the years.
(Whos fault is it? That I do not take up in this text). Many players say that they like to  go for it, but few  realize what the words meanings are and what needs to be done. Do not let yourself become one of them, take the opportunity to see how good you can be!
Here is some advice for thoose who are thinking about putting in the effort, to be the best they can be.


You have to decide that this is what I wanna do.
Priorities must be done in your life. You have made up your mind and that means your life will be different. The few hours you have left in you days, goes to homework, family, friends, but everything except school and family must have priority if its in conflict with your training. That may mean that staying up late, going out to see movies and going to partys may be very rare.
2. You should tell your friends that this is something I really wanna do, so maybe they understand when you dont see them as much as before.
You will soon discover which truly are your friends, they are the ones which show a understanding with your ambitions. They are the ones who will call week after week even if you have said no to several invites for social things.
Planning your weeks, month is must to get your new life to function and by doing that you give yourself a chance to succeed in your ambitions.
You dont have to go overkill like former swedish skistar Gund Svan, who timed how long it took him to shower and get dressed after training and then found out which way was the fastest to save time for rest after training. Its not much time he saved in  one training but in a year its was many hours.
You should set goals for what you wanna acomplish, both short and longtime goals. Otherwise you can easily reach an oneway street and get stuck. if you set your goals is more or less just to follow the signs and you will get close or reach your distination with hard, hard work.

5. The right training is very important and it be not be exactly where you live, you may have to move. Once a sat next to player who turned to me and said "I dont understand why he moved so far to train and play with them". He was talking about a players whom moved 60 swedish miles (10 hours away from his home) to get the right enviroment for him to succeed.
The players thats said that was very talented himself, but with him not understanding why the other had done this, was of course one of the reasons he never came even close to his real potential. The other player did.......
Just because you chose to go for it, doesnt mean all knowledge will fall upon you. The knowledge your environment doesn`t have, you must find to reach your goals..

Regardless, even if you are dealing with teamsports or individual sports, you can not depend on anyone else when it comes to your additional training. Although the of course is great fun, being with a friend on every workout. But it can easily become an "excuse" for not working out, if for example your friend does not have the time, is ill, etc. Perhaps it is just you in your team, who really wants to be something.

Dont misstreat yourseolf, you need rest and the right food to get the maximum of your body both physically and mentally. Its very important to get to know your body, so when it signals it needs rest, you relax a little, to go even harder after the rest :-)

Have you read all of it, maybe you've got a little help on the way to success. If you can succeed depends on a lot of factors ... ... ... ....
... ... ... .. Dare you go for it!?

NO: A decision that one can respect
YES: What!, Reading Still, off to train with you :-)

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