Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Last sunday I had games with boys 98

....and we ha a classic game against one of our rivals in boys98 category from Væerløse basketball club.
It was a tight game where we after a really good 3 period took the win with 2 points, but thats not why I write classic.

We where not gameready and of course I have big blame in that since I saw what was going on in the warmups, when my team discovered that their best player wasn`t gonna play because of injury.
I saw how they relaxed and could nearly hear "this one gonna be easy", well I did like I started to do some years ago.
I didn`t have a talk with them about and by doing that maybe I would have gotten them back on track. I was of course still hoping for the win, but either way they where gonna learn their lesson by playing and hearing about it afterwords.
Nobody wants to play under their capacity and the boys did just that and they know that now. After the game we talked about and the lesson is learned........I hope :-)

I my early days I would take care if it a soon as I saw, but after some years I realized, by doing that I saved them from learning how important the mental aspect of the game is. By saving them.....they will have to be saved again, again and again. At least that how I see and I have tried both ways.

Learning to be ready to play our best in every game, regardless who we are playing and regardless of whick players are on the other team is not always easy, but we have to try to get the right mindset before every game and remember that we play to learn, develop, win and have fun....

Normally you have the most fun when you play well and you win.

Warming up the brain before games :-)

To do that we have to warm up our minds before games, its maybe more important than warming up the body in some cases, since the body is useless without the mind.

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