Monday, December 6, 2010

Last night I tried to watch.....

.......the NBA game between New York Knicks and Toronto Raptors on Dk4 and I got bored once again. Yes, some great dunks and blocks but I guess its just not for me.

Euroleague, Colllege or even the swedish or danish leagues I find more interesting to watch. NBA games there are of course some games if they involve Blake Griffin, Jonas Jerebko or Manu Ginobili then I find it interesting.

I used to wtahc the NBA a lot in my youth and my favourite player in Earvin "Magic" Johnson with his showtime basketball at the forum. The great Lakers team always played enjoyable basketball even when the lost.

Its by the way Magic`s fault that I started with basketball after seeing my first NBA game and he was just incredible and I had found my "hero".

Back in the day I had other favourite players also in;

Michael "Air" Jordan
Isiah Thomas
Charles Barkley
James Worthy
Hakeem "the dream" Olujowon
Larry Bird
Kevin "the man with a billion moves" McHale
Drazen Petrovic

Many players that are great never make it to NBA here is one of them in Raymond Lewis

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