Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sometimes you give and sometimes you take


I`m talking about energy this week I have been working alot and with a bad shoulder its not the most fun you could do, but necessery since money is needed there is no pardon.

Tires as hell I stopped work 17:30 today and had practise at 18:00 with boys 98 and if I didn`t have any energy before pactise THEY gave me energy and all of a sudden I wasn`t tired at all I was out there sweating and giving instructions and making them go harder in each drill.

Thats whats great about a team if you are out of energy the rest of the team can give it to you and there are always somebody with lots of energy and always giving. Normally I`m as a coach are always one of them, but sometimes since we coaches also are humans we need to get a energyboost frm somebody and today I got it from my team and it was 1½ hour of pure pleasure and we had a great practise once again.

Now home I´m so tired so I dont even know why a write this text, but I´m sqeezing the last energy out of my body and head to write this and I will soon find my bed and have nice dreams a hope.

By the way today I did something I have laughed so much at other for doing. I dropped my cellphone in the toilette...not good at all. :-)

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