Monday, November 29, 2010

Today I did some tests on my players

As some of you already know I coach a team boys born 1998 in Hørsholm Basketball in Denmark.
Today we did the first test for this season. Of course most of the are "happytests" since they are still growing and their bodies are devoloping in different speeds and so on, but the tests will act at this age more as a tool to motivate and "give" selfconfidence, because they will do better next time.

This is the first time ever I have done this with a young team like this, but to be honest this is the only team in this age that I have coached that have the mindset, so they can use this for their benefit.

First I checked "antro"

- Height
- Wingspan
- Reach

Then physical tests
- Jumping ability (best of two tries)
- 10 meters run from basketballposition (best of two tries)
- 20 meters run from basketballposition (best of two tries)
- Standing longjump (best of two tries)
- Pushups in one minute (chest touches fist of coach)
- Situps in one minute
(Hands on head, elbows touches knees, 90 degrees against the wall.)

And also som basketballtest
- Freethrows - How many made of 25
(Shoots all 25 in a row)
- 2 pointers, 50 shoots (10 from each position) from side left, side right, bankshot left, bankshot right, freethrow line
(shot from pass, players shoots all 50 shoots in a row)
- 3 pointers, 25 shoots 
(5 from each position), corner, corner, wing, wing and point (all shoots in a row)
- Layups in 30 seconds
(One player is standing at the freethrowline, one players with ball, dribbles scores right laup, dribbles out with left hand around his friend, scores lefthanded layup, dribbles out with right hand around his friend and so on for 30 seconds)

To be honest most players are not ready to shoot 3 pointers, but the will be in May, so it will be success then :-)

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