Sunday, November 28, 2010

Talented players:
Jonathan Gilling Hørsholm 79ers

Born 1991, 203cm, Pos 1-2-3

You are one of the talents coming out of Denmark, what are you plans for the future?
My dreams and ambitions are to become the best player that I can be. Right now my plans are to go to college in the states, but if that doesn't succeed I don't really know what to do. I would really like to get away from Denmark next year, to see how far I can go with Basketball.

You are playing on Hørsholm 79ers and you get a lot of responsability, it most be great and being so young and feeling he coaches confidence in you?
Yes, I am playing for Hørsholm 79'ers and we definitely are lucky to have coaches that have unbelievable much knowledge of the game it is an honor to play for them and I feel really really privileged. It is always a great thing to feel that somebody believes in you and that definitely gives you a lot of confidence.

You have been with the youth nationalteams several times, can you tell the world a little bit of some great experiences playing international with the nationalteam?
Playing wise I actually haven't enjoyed playing with the national team because the teams I have played for has always lost. I think that the preparation to a championship is very bad here in Denmark, and it needs a lot improvement to be more successful. Friends wise it has always been a lot of fun. I have always had really fun teammates and that has been a really good thing, especially when you are struggling on the court :)

You come from a basketballfamily, tell us how come basketball and how many in your family are involved in basketball?
Yes I come from a big and tall family of 6. We are 4 siblings all playing basketball and doing really great on the different teams we are playing on. My mom and my dad are really involved in basketball too. My dad is a boardmember of 79'ers and my helps the club arranging the basketball camp every summer. So everyone in the family is really dedicated to basketball.

Quick 6 favourites
Favourite team in Europe?
Red Star

Favourite player in Europe?
Milos Teodosic

Favourite team in NBA?
Los Angeles Lakers

Favourite player in NBA?
Kobe Bryant

Favourite team in College?
I don't really have a favorite team, so ill pick a school I know: Siena College.

Favourite player in College?
I don't really know any players in College so i will go with a former 79'ers player: Maja Gerlyng

What tips would you give to other younger players trying to fulfill their dream in becoming a pro basketball player?
Im not a pro yet so I don't know. But work hard and be patient. I think that a lot of young players stop when they become seniors because they don't get the playing time that they are used to, and that is really bad for the future of Danish basketball - So be patient.

Any tips to coaches about handling young players that you can give?
I have been blessed with many great coaches and they have all done one thing that i am very thankful of. Even though I have been tall enough to play under the basket they have all let me play outside as a point guard. I think that every player in the age of 9-14 or something like that, should play as players handling and shooting the ball from outside :) Another good advice would be: Respect each of your players, have fun with them outside the court, but alsp let them know when you are serous and meaning business on the court!!

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