Sunday, May 18, 2014

The way its suppose to be

This weekend I had many of my players on nationalteam tryouts so we cancelled practise and I myself took a trip to Huskvarna and a basketball weekend.
The coperatiing clubs in that area of sweden arranged a splendid final four arrangement of high class for Women & Men U17 &U19.

Its was a pure joy to see this beeing arranged for the future of swedish basketball and I do believe all players felt very special this weekend in may.

The people behind this FINAL FOUR in Huskvarna has just made a couple of players fall in love more with the game. Pro arrangement around the games, you could even watch games LIVE from the other gym in the other gym.

All games was broadcasted on stream and LIVE stats and social media activities all weekend.

The had made a program for the weekend that you had to pay for which I think is about time that somethings cost money around youth championships.

They even arranged a banquet on saturday evening for all players and coaches. Its pretty unusal in the nordics but very common in other basketball countries. LOVE IT!

Coaches got a special made mug, so they could get free coffee all weekend.
(yeah coaches need coffee since they sleep very little)

Many things to celebrate this weekend for. It had some nice games and on the final day they even had two elder gentleman in their fine clothes and even with a black tie sweeping the floors.
Not some kid 12 years old sitting like usual a great idea and very loved by all.

Many peoople behind it and team Aulander & Enbom directing the plays behind the scenes and Aulander even was speaker for some games dropping classics like "pengar" money when shoots was made, to "kust till kust" coast to coast and more.

NT coaches was there to hand out awards to players, just super.

But only one thing was in my eyes negative and on the finals a couple of minutes into the first final they stopped the crowd from using loud horns.....Who likes them, well not me, BUT it creates such a atmosphere for the players and as long as they dont sit and blow the horns directly into peoples ears, well guess what its basketball.

People are there for the players to support them in the way they can...most scandinavians need something to make noise, they had horns to make noise. A few didnt like how loud the sounded and simsalabim it gets stopped.

Have you ever been to a game outside the nordics?
Well its not like watching pool or bowling.........

I asked about it and one voulenteer said the federation said it was OK to stop them

I`m sorry but this made me mad.....

But the whole weekend was super and gets the highest grades from me at least.
Hope they get this 17 & U19 for a couple of years in a row now, why change when its this good.

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