Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas spirits called my name

Well once again christmas has been and once again santa claus came, but for every year you get older he seems to bring less and less :-)

Maybe its because of central heating and chimneys aint big enough to bring a lot. But to be honest getting things aint that big of a deal anymore, but more and more I feel the tradition becomes important and all that christmas brings. My father has a ridiculos collection of santas carefuly placed all around his apartment and people stop to watch his collection. I think thats time is also some days away from basketball, but almost every year I find some basketball anyway and christmas day I watched Knicks vs Boston and.....

......welll, it sucked like usually NBA does, poorly technical skilled players with super athletic bodies aint my kind of basketball, but to be honest the fourth period was OK to watch, but the rest of the game made me wish I watching the discovery channel instead.

Its great that NBA is ON again after the greedout, but NBA to me is Jonas Jerebko, Kobe Bryant, Dirk Nowitzki, and some other players. I totaly think it has lost its supreme level, to many badly skilled players nowdays as I see it. You dont have to agree, but that how I see and also some older players that should have stopped playing some years ago. To name one is Vince Carter, he was the human highlight and well the light aint there anymore.

The NBA is strange, the move of Lebron James and Bosh to Dwayne Wades Miami was OK, but Cris Paul to Lakers wasn`t, there is chezz player behind it all and that Stern and well you cant say he hasn`t made the NBA succesfull because he has, but its just to obvious that he has one mission and that is getting Lebron a ring, no matter what.

When we watched the game we hade some talks about NBA, players, coaches and of course in that game was as always one referee in the center of attention. Cant remember his name, but calls ridiculos technicals, he provokes players coaches and he has always done that.

One person that watched the game asked why is he allowed to continue, well my answer was "He is a part of show" and his behaivor sells newspapers, airtime on TV and more......

Tonight swedish Jonas Jerebko is making his comeback season after his injury and his season will be a joy to follow, but other than that I will stick to euroleague, collegeball or even a local kids game which gets me more excited that NBA games.

Have had two practises today, we practise 13 hours in 3 days and the we rest a few days before the tournament in Lund, Sweden......that is a god things christmas brings the possibilities to practice more :-) and still get free time for the players and coaches.

2 days more of practises and then basketball detox for some days and then back to it again :-)

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