Sunday, January 1, 2012

When Teams became Individual players

New year when I write this its 2012 and I have declaired it "The Year Of The Jerebko" on Facebook and what is written on facebook is always facts so thats how it is :-)

I was asked today by one of my oldest friends kid, which soccer team I cheer for and I was blank for a second and I said "Well it used to be Liverpool", but nowdays I cheer for whatever team Zlatan Ibrahimovic plays for. He thought that was strange and well i guess it is, when I was younger it was all about cheering for teams:

Soccer international - Liverpool
Soccer in Sweden - Malmo FF
Basketball NBA: Los Angeles Lakers
Basketball Europe: Yugoplastika, was propably the first back in the day
Basketball Sweden: Never really had one on the highest level since clubs from the district I grew up always managed to fuck it up.
Icehockey NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins
Icehockey Sweden: Farjestad

Floorball: Are you kidding me :-)

But nowdays I really dont have favourite teams I have favourite players and a cheer for them. And I really cant remember when that change came, but maybe because I have a big focus on basketball players individual development maybe I grew into that.

My favourite player in NBA is of course Jonas Jerebko, but I cheer for Kobe, Nowitzki and some others, but Lakers I dont care anymore. But I care how Kobe Bryant does....

Dont really care about Detroit Pistons but my brains says I have to care because a great part of "JJ`" success is in if detroit plays ball on a high level.

Sweden plays junior chamionship in icehockey I dont care, but the player with last name Friberg I cheer for him, killer attitude, scorer and not afraid to stick out his chin.

When swedish nationalteam in soccer plays I only watch if Zlatan plays and I know before the game that the odds that he will play great is very limited because of the players surroundning him on the field. But I cheer for him.....

I guess the only teams I really cheer for is the Swedish basketball national teams and for teams coached by friends, but its more of a supporting cheer.

Came home and watched the second half of Jerebkos game againts Indian tonite and I checked his stats before even trying to see the score. He did great 20 points, 12 rebounds and one very important steal.....Go JJ33

It was a very easy question a got from my friends kid, but teams well I guess thats in the past.
Back in the day I had favourite players of course with Magic Johnson as number 1, but I cheered for teams, those days are gone and so is 2011.
Picture before he took his 12 rebounds :-)

Happy New Year and lets celebrate The year Of The Jerebko

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