Saturday, November 5, 2011

Its simply awesome

As a coach I`m constantly searching the net for new stuff and once now and then I found something that makes me happy and interested.

But most of the time its just repitition of more of the same since I have been "digging" on the net way back since 56K modem was the shit :-)

This saturday I was just bored and went on the tube trying to find some new stuff to get my basketballbrain going and I found it.

Todays technology creates so much opertunites for us coaches in "wrong countries" that wanna learn stuff.

Online basketball has been used for some time now, but most costs money, but I found this site:

And they have posted 2 clinics in full on the tube for all basketball idiots to watch. Here are the links:

Clinic 1:

Clinic 2:

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