Saturday, November 19, 2011

Aint given up

This blogg, but my life is really busy right now and I have to make some priorities and blogging aint that high on the scale because of that.

Basketball is going great and it looks like my shoulder injury courtesy of Swedish railways will be fixed in december at least that what i hope.

Both of my teams are working hard and they are both in development faces but so different, you could say my girls team is going through what the boys team did last year and its a continues process coaching kids, once you think they got it, you will be remembered just as quickly that they are kids and not pro players.

I go to practice 5 times a week with a big smile not always on the outside, but inside I´m just a big smile. Sometimes a wonder what my life would be without basketball and my only conclusion is would there really be a life without basketball!?

This game and development of kids just keeps growing on me and I get more attached to it for every year that passes. Right now I`m blessed by the naismiths goods in having two teams that wanna learn, something I have never had before.

I have had players in best cases 2-3 players on a team that wanna learn, but situation now is very different and it makes it so much more fun.

To a totally other subject: NBA

Shame on you players and your greed.

Shame on people calling Michael Jordan a sellout for protecting his team interests.
Remember the best there ever was, was never greedy even do he could have been when he was active.

NBA was dying when the greats, MJ, Magic, bird, Isiah, Barkely, The dream and others stopped playing, but Kobe kept it alive bearly breathing bit still and "Mr No rings ever" Lebron helped with tremendous marketing of himself, now all úngreatful players are making a parody of and pissing on what all the legends of the game created all because they wanna show one more car on MTV cribs :-)

Shame on the new ungreatful generation in the NBA and in sports in general, its supposed to be a honor, a luxury to be able to make millions on playing a game for work. If the saluary aint to your satisfaction go back to playing in the streets for free or go to some other country in the world and make money on a normal scale.

Its just a big ball and have one car less instead!

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