Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bad times is good

"Horsens landed the second import player for the next season. They agreed on terms of contract with Will Harris (198-F-86, college: Albany). The 24-year-old forward has graduated from the University at Albany in 2010. Will Harris tallied 12.7 points, 4.3 rebounds and 1.0 assist per game in his senior season. The forward started his pro career in the IBL. He played for the Albay Legends in 2011 season. Will Harris averaged 11.5 points per appearance." from Eurobasket,com

Bad times economically in the basketball world is good for small basketball countries like Denmark I had the privaligue to watch a great import players a week ago in Horsens Will Harris. Its very rare with qualityplayers in the nordic countries although many are hyped bigtime before the arrive they dont live up to the hype.

Will Harris has bright future as a pro and unless some beautiful danish women manages to make him stay in Denmark he will be long gone and go off and make more money and play in better leagues after this season.

Most import players we get to the nordic countries are back up players or complete roll players, some manage to change, but most of them has played as a roll player for so many years and they cant make the transition and the get fired or gets to stay they season out not helping the team very much.

Players like Will Harris is rare, he`s a player that can do it all in offense and also can play defense. The only thing he didn´t show me was leadership, when the team played bad and he let his teammates take way to many shoots. I think he played the whole game, but for like 7-8 minutes he didn`t get to shoot the ball and still he scored with breaking to much sweat over 30points.

Så for some countries bad times moneywise is good, since I dont believe a player like Will Harris would come here in good money times.

Will Harris could average 40+points if his teamates understands how to and when to give him the ball and get f**k out of his way :-)

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