Saturday, June 25, 2011

Whats the purpose?

I have been to many camps during the years coaching or just watching the game I love.
In many cases I wonder whats the purpose of it?

To make money?
To develop god habits?
To have fun?
Getting new friends?

Non above is wrong as I see it, BUT I think every camp should have clear goals of what the camp want to achieve in that 4-5 days. For many of the younger players they practice in one camp as much as they do in 3 months during the regular season. So my question is, what have they gotten better at when the camp is over?

I have been to camps where they try to cover everything during 5 days and what does they players remember and what have they gotten better at?

Answer is very little of lots of stuff, I think after 5 days you should at least have 2 maybe 3 specific things that there is BIG improvement in.

It could be shooting technic, passing, Basketball position (looking like a basketball player), cutting (moving without the ball and so on.

A camp should put more tools in the toolbox and if it just puts half a hammer, half screwdriver, half a screw have it really fulfilled its purpose?

Well a answer is maybe the kids had fun, YES, but to quote a boss of a camp I was at " We dont care if you have fun, we care about if you learned something after this week is over" - Amen!

And guess what thoose kids learned something and had fun :-)

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