Friday, June 24, 2011

My first non basketball summer... many many years. Instead working as much as possible at my job in a store. Will work at our Camp here in Hørsholm between 2-6 of july and after that I will hold 3 practises a week for all the kids in the club, this is something new here. Normally the gyms closes and kids who wanna practise have to pray that the weather goods are with them and in nordic countries the rarely are. The weather changes are so many and that restricts your chances to practice outside.

I`m very glad to got this going and I know that many kids will be very happy when they hear about it.
Creating players or talent management is in many ways your effort to give the players possibilites to reach their highest level, you give them what they need to succeed.

If you give them all that they need its now up to them to take what is given.

What do I mean by "Non basketball summer", well 1 camp and only 3 practises a week is for me non basketball summer.
I remember one of my greatest achievements as a coach at least its veru near that for me. When I was coaching in Lobas I decided to give the players that wanted good training and as many hours as needed to develop. I held the gym open for almost 30 hours every week. There where 5 players that really used what was given. One played division 1 ball in sweden for several years before knee injures stopped him at a young age. One girl made they national team but was cut just before European championship. That nationalteam later on won silver in WC, so to be cut from that team is maybe not so bad. She has now played highest womensleague for several years. She practised around 25 hour a week and her development that summer was incredable I actually had to dismiss her from the gym since she needed rest.

Two other girls both made the nationalteams (several years later) and now play in the highest league, they at a age of 11-12 practised about 15 hours a week.

The fifth one suddenly stopped playing after a stopped coaching him and the reasons are many, but the biggest he was pushed into playing to much on a to high level to soon. he wasn`t ready especially mentally to play and I think he just lost the passion that he used to have when he played.

That summer was one of the most fullfilling summer I have had as coach, dedicated players sweating and coming  back for more day after day, hour after hour. Thats a feeling I just love.

Before that summer I was almost into changing sports and becoming a soccer coach instead since basketball players where I was had a hard time putting in the time needed and I just hated that they didn`t wanna be the best the could be.

But thanks to Johan, Cris, Erika, Sofie and Marie that summer made me even more in love with the greatest game ever invented. Before that summer I had my doubts, but I learned if you give the players the possibilities there are always some that will go for it and thats the players I wanna coach.

I called it "Drills for skills" and my good skills they drilled. :-)

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