Sunday, June 26, 2011

Missing it already

I admit I`m a basketballjunkie and I need my fixes or I go into withdrawel syndrom :-)

Its strange during the years I have heard so many being tired of basketball and they are glad that the season soon is over. They are excited about going on a long break and so on, well I never had that feeling about the actuall practices, games, but the other officework that I have had to do, to be able to do the stuff I know and enjoy that I have been tired of, Oh yes....

This week I have had only one practise with my new team in girls 98 (will coach boys and girls 98 next season).
Yesterday I was watching the camp for ages 99-01 practise and got a little quick fix atleast :-)

2nd to 6th I will be working on the camp for ages 95-98 and it will be so much fun. Its not just the actual practices but the coaches and the atmosphere that gets me that hight. This camp is fun because there are coaches from allover and that makes it very fun.

Why? Well the ball is round, and the basket are on 3.05, but there are so many different teaching technics, cultures, personalities, so discussions at night are tremendous.

This years camp there are coaches from, Croatia, Serbia, Lithuania, Sweden, Denmark, Spain.

Soon time to get on the dancefloor and my dancefloor is the basketbalcourt cant wait to dance.

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