Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 3 on a camp

I was today again watching some of the camps practises and this is day 3 always the hardest day, players and coaches are pretty tired after so many hours in the gym. Now the kids are feeling it in their body (also coaches lol) and some kids have one million excuses not to practice, som just because they are little tired. This camp has god rule and if you dont practice during the day, you dont play games at the end of the day.

I have been to others where suddenly the kids which couldn`t practice during the day now are healthy and wanna play and they have let them. Thats wrong in my book.

Had my second practice with the girls 98 and we went through the physical exercises again and we will do that again on wednesday and after that I hope most of them do it 3-4 or moree a week. I will see which ones that have taken up the challenge and whom just have facebooked and been at the beach.

After a great practice with the girls I went to where the coaches at the camp sleep and had some nice talks with them. Surrounded with other basketballidiots I just feel at home, its just like that.

Now time for bed and tomorrow, well I will propably go and watch some more at the camp, but now bed.

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