Sunday, February 6, 2011

Never give up

Sometimes I cruise the internet looking for some hidden diamands with a basketball connection and I found this nice video on the tube

The title "Never give up" is something that I have learnt during my 17 years as coach is changing among the youth, that killer attitude, that Never Give Up attitude is not always there anymore. I have seen the change coming slowly and I guess its a general life change in how the youth think this days.

More and more its Not MY Fault its somebodye elses fault and if I cant win why care about doing it right mindset that I`m totally allergic too. Us coaches can change that thinking in early years, but for every year they get older it becomes harder and harder and the excuses become more frequent.

Its so extremely important that kids in early years get the right coaching or they will have a hard time further on and the odds for them getting a good coach to take them nearly vanishes since, he sees the problems and knows what a headache he will get. The will then become the team/players that nobodys wants to coach and all because a club let the wrong person become a "coach".

But we cant give up at least not easily its not the kids fault, its grownups whom put the wrong person in charge of a team.

Its a nice video watch it :-)

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