Saturday, January 22, 2011

I dissed 2 leaguegames today

Thats not something that happens or has happened a lot in my life, but had my sister and boyfriend and daughter here visiting me in denmark.

I was a fun visit but of course I got to check the results on the net:-)

Tonight I`m looking forward to watching my favourite collegeteam Duke play against Wake Forresty at 22:00 european time. Was some weeks ago I saw my last Duke game, but fun that Coach K has gone back to the old kind of Duke gamestyle.

Tommorrow first normal game witht he kids and that will be fun allthought the country is right now hammered with sickness and my team is no exception. Hade 9 of 16 players on last practise, one injured and 6 home sick.

Yesterday I was late to practise since I couldn`t get of work in time. I entered the gym and this gym has the entrance on the second floor and have glasswondows facing the gym, so I stood and watched forst for some time before I went down to the court.
I was 12 year old kids the weren`t jerking around, they had by themself started practise and when I came into the gym they were playing 3-3-3.
Have had many teams during the years, that it would have looked something like this:

- Lowered basket and dunking on 2,60 basket
- Throwing balls from halfcourt
- Sitting/standing and talking
- Using some other stuff in the gym like ropes, trampoline
And so on.....

These team/kids is the real thing and thats makes me so so happy since I have the chance to work with this group.

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