Sunday, January 23, 2011

I was a pointguard for awhile

Well as a player its easy for me to say what I was best at and that was shooting from downtown and I had a good understanding for the game. But lets just leave the rest alone :-)

I loved the game and practised more than most, but didn`t really have any guidance at all. You could say I learned by watching and feeling my forward myself.

My hero my idol was Earvin "Magic" Johnson but I never had any wetdreams about playing pointguard like most players do. The last few year I have been coahcing it seems that nearly everybody on a team wants to be that pointing man.

I wanted to be the greatest shooter in the world that was my goal more than anything. I enjoyed putting the dagger into the defense, leave me open and I would knock it down (most of the time).

But at some time as a youthplayer I suddenly became a poinguard and the reason was simply I would use my back, ass everything just like Magic to get to ball up the court and my coach said "It doesn`t go fast, but you dont throw away the ball".

This was not for me but I did it for my team. Thank god our normal guards became better witht he ball so I could shoot the nets on fire instead.

Coach Enbom has written some interesting thoughts down about pointguards that you can read here

I think one quetsion he puts out there is how do you choose your pointguards?

Well, I dont have the energy today to write a essay about it but.

Generally the pg`s in Sweden is choosen because of

Short and fast (nothing wrong if the have skillset for it)
Good bodycontroll (will not grow so much more)

But who was really most suited for playing the PG position, was it the short and fast, the fully grown kid or was it that one that never got to play PG?

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