Saturday, December 18, 2010

USC vs Kansas Jayhawks

I watched most of the game today and the home winstreak of 64 games in a row by the Jayhawks was deaply threatened today byt USC, who should have won the game, but very bad choices by USC helped Jayhawks to come back and take it by 3 points.

USC had a great chance to win game with 6,3 seconds left and the had inbound at baseline, they took timeout and came out with the same inbound play as they had run before, I simply dont understand that when you know how well scouted the teams are. They had big problems getting the ball into play and when they did there player mad a totally silly misstake he stepped out of the court allthough he had plenty of space he still did it.

They fouled with 4,3 seconds left and Kansas made their first and missed there second and a lucky bounce of the rim left it in the corner and that took to much time of the clock for USC to get a good shoot of in time, theys till had a long throw which hit the backboard, but win 65 straight at home for the Kansas Jayhawks is a fact. Thats currently the longest activ winning streak at home in NCAA div1 basketball.

The game in whole was a blend of veyr bad basketball and great plays. What i dont understand if you are gonna play 2 million pick and rolls, why dont teach the players to use it and read it?

For us that have a cuople of hours a week the teach our players the game is har as hell, but now we are talking college ball where they nearly have umlimited time with the players during the season.
The game gave me another question if you dont have the players to play pick and roll, why play it so much?

My player of the game was Nikola Vujevic of USC, they didn`t use him well especially in the first half but in the second half it was a little more and he has skills.

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