Monday, August 10, 2015

And some people call me crazy!

Well, hasn`t been once I have been called crazy doing this that I love called basketball. But hey people if Im crazy what your verdict on the people throwing granades in Malmoe, killing people with knifes in a IKEA store in Västerås or all armys killing innocent humans around the world.

So Im crazy......hmmm. But I guess there is something good with beeing crazy also, when used the right way.
Now Im sitting here in my castle writting a blogg once again and another season starts for real in 6 days. Strange cirumstances brought m back to Malmoe and Malbas Basketball once again and this time it feels like Im in totally new club. So much more positive and adding to that is that the mens team made it back to the LEAGUE for this season which is great for everybody.

But its not that only......the atmosphere is just different among, players, coaches and people behind the scenes. Malbas with Malmoe as its city (3rd largest in sweden) has potential to be a real powerhouse, but has never been near that in modern times. Are we as a club, as a city on that path now?

I truly believe so!

With smart decisions and slowly building the whole club I think we can be that powerhouse that the south of sweden so desperatly needs. We need to get bigger as a club and that is not done in a couple of months. A coach from denmark wrote something that I will aways remember in a discussion about why basketball in denmark wasnt bigger, recruitment of kids and so on.

It was something like this "Give me a coach and there will be a bunch of kids playing" the solution is pretty easy, but at the same time it one of the hardest things for all clubs. Finding coaches that are willing to put in a tremendous amount of hours often in the end paying for their own existence as coach. Taking vacation days from work to go to tournaments, skipping family events because of games ( yeah I know some want to skip these) going directly from work to the gym and on their way to the gym picking up their kids to be a few minutes late. Getting there as fast as possible only to get critizes for beeing late.

Most coaches reality in Sweden or the nordics is not a fulltime employment, 50%/25% emplyoment, but some little amount that barely covers their costs to be a coach.

I guess more people than me are crazy! :-)

But regardless the coach`s situation all is expected to be profesional in their coaching, behaivor and planning and more. Thats crazy!

Clubs needs to to make it easier to be a coach and the solution is not only money, but its def a part of it in todays society.

Im starting work this week at malbas and this will be big part of my responsability to create a "happier place" for the coaches in the club. Will be an exciting season to say the least for once I`m truly put in a situation the make a change.

And this is a change I truly hope I can get done if giving the time o do so. Because this is not something that is changed in a heartbeat either.

Malbas is changing - We are on a mission and Im glad Im on point!

And like I wrote earlier, you can be crazy and still be good human, but the world is looking crazier and crazier for each year. I grew up being a big fan of two Michaels. One was Michael Jordan and another was Michael Jackson. I can honestly say I hated Jordan and I never shed a tear, but a few of michaels songs has made me cry rivers.

Here is a great song and WE should all start taking some responsability in making the world a better place. Not to care is NOT the solution that much I know for sure!

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